‘CD ‘Miner’s Pick’

(FMR records 2014)

...”In any case, I love this album because it does what good music should be doing : it will enchant you, even if you are deep underground, digging for gold. Keep digging.”... by Stef

...”Where some bassists get a good arco sound and stick with it (think Paul Chambers’ reliably leathery tone), Niggenkemper gets a rainbow of bowed timbres: soft murmurs, bee-swarms, medieval drones, leviathan groans. Strategically, he’s textural and linear by turns, an independent voice unbeholden to bass custom.”... Kevin Whitehead in

...”For Miner’s Pick, these European virtuosos present ten composed-yet-experimental-leaning sketches, running the gamut from serene introspections to intense fits of piercing dissonance. 

With album art by Mike Joyce a sublime complement to the trance-inducing ambience of Miner’s Pick, the tandem of Heberer and Niggenkemper speak an ecstatic language of their own.”... by Brad Cohan in The New York City Jazz Record